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long time, no see!

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It’s been a while!

Well. There’s been a lot of this:

Leading to a bunch of this:
And she's off...

(Plus, we’ve all been sick for the better part of the past three weeks…*cough*)

But! I have been doing a bit of sewing! I recently got a new-to-me sewing machine (finally!) and have been very pleased to have sewing capabilities just in the other room, instead of an hour’s drive away… I haven’t made much yet, but I’ll share with you one project that had been on my to-do list for ages – a curtain for the door-less closet in little E’s room. For the past 7 months or so, I’ve been staring at the entire contents of her closet and wishing I could cover them up and close it off. I bought the owl fabric a while back with the intent of sewing up a curtain but the enormous length of it kept putting me off… So, finally, I gathered the courage to tackle all several yards of it and did some ironing…some pinning…some hemming…and voila!


owls curtain

You can see a bit of our diaper stash there in those square shelves…

I’ll try to update you on my various crafting endeavors, because I’ve certainly been knitting and sewing away in what little free time I have these days! I hope everybody is having a great holiday season so far and enjoying this longest night of the year…

and then there was...


One thought on “long time, no see!

  1. Look at that smirk in the first pic!

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