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tag blankie


tag blankie

If you’re anything like me, you may never have heard of a tag blankie before you had kids or your friends had kids or you became an aunt or uncle. And then (if you’re anything like me) you maybe looked at said tag blanket and thought…what? And if you don’t actually know what I’m talking about – tag blankets are these little tiny blankets with tags (ribbons, really) sewn into the sides for kiddos to play with. And they love them.

So I whipped up this little tag blanket for E a while back and it’s been a big hit. She loves to grab it and throw it around, tossing it behind her and then turning around to find it. Also, chewing on those ribbons is way cool. We can play peek-a-boo with it. It’s hard to drop in the car so it’s a great diversion while driving, one she can’t easily toss to the floor and then cry about. The ribbons are great to munch on. It makes an adequate last-resort burp cloth or nose-wiper. And did I mention the ribbons? Yeah. The ribbons. They’re like baby crack.

tag blankie

I used the simple pattern from Lotta Jansdotter’s Simple Sewing for Baby and it only took me part of an evening to throw it together. (And I’m no seamstress, so that’s saying something.) I used a lovely, soft cotton flannel and some ribbons I had been saving for who knows how long, with the intention of using them for something eventually. Well, that something finally emerged! The only thing I would do differently is leave out the satiny ribbons. They did not hold up well and, despite being sewn in securely, all but one have fallen off already. The grosgrain ribbons, however, are nice and secure. The blanket measures about 12 inches by 12 inches and the ribbons vary in length – probably between about 1-3 inches. What a fun, quick project!

tag blankie

2 thoughts on “tag blankie

  1. YAY for the tag blanket! I loved reading this!
    When my son was a baby, we swaddled him BIGTIME. It always happened that the tag for our favorite fleece swaddling blanket would end up popped out right by his neck. He started rubbing it as he fell asleep & soon rubbed all the writing clean off.
    Once he outgrew swaddling, I cut the fleece blanket up and sewed it in to a tag blanket. He took to it especially hard, and was quite attached for a few years. The tags are threadbare and falling off. I tried sewing a few “backups” so he could rotate. Nope. He had no interest. He wanted his “classics” (as we called them). It was hard to even get the tags in the washing machine and let’s just say … ummm … sometimes they were kinda … well … stiiiiinkay. And yet, he *loved* the way they smelled. We’d joke and say he was “taking a hit” off his tags (is that a bad joke for a parent to make? oops.) He’d take them to preschool and try to share them with his teachers and friends and they were all, “uhh …ew. No thanks.”
    Just last night, as I was reading with him (he’s 6 and a half now) we pulled out his “classics” and one of the backup tag blankets. He doesn’t insist on sleeping with them anymore, but they are always nearby. He had me tell him the story of how I made them, and then he went through and told me which tags were his favorite, and he stared in disbelief when I showed him how he’d rubbed the polka dots and fish designs off the satin tags (compared to the backup blankets whose ribbons were like new). It was so fun to talk with him about them, and he tucked them under his arm as he went to sleep last night.
    I never, ever imagined he would be so attached to the darn tag blanket (his sister couldn’t have cared less about a tag blanket), and yet – wow. What a huge part of his early life those tags were. So, hey, you never know! E may be the same way!
    Apologies for the tangent, but having just had such a sweet conversation with him about them last night, I loved seeing this post of yours. :)
    Side note – I figured the grosgrain ribbons would be his favorite (they were for me!) but, nope – he went crazy over the satin ribbons. The cheapo crazy design satin ribbons were all he wanted to rub. Rub rub rub rub rub until they pilled and fell apart. Hilarious. :)

  2. I have seen those, but being the oldest of three in my family, I realised that they were for munching on. no one has ever had on in my family though, I’ll have to tuck it away for the next little one that comes along (scarily will probably be MY little one!)

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