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cloth diaper giveaway!


diaper giveaway!

As the last in my little series on cloth diapering, I'm doing a giveaway! There are some fantastic things to be won. The wonderful folks at Rockin' Green have offered up a 45/90 bag of their awesome diaper laundry soap. (And you even get to pick your favorite scent!) I seriously love this stuff. It's amazing. Next up, my local cloth diaper dealer friend is offering up a $20 gift certificate at Everything Birth – get a diaper, a wet bag, whatever your little heart desires! She puts on cloth diaper parties, so if you're local – keep an eye out! As an added bonus for anyone who doesn't win, you can use discount code JD65 to get 5% off your total order. (I'm also waiting to hear back from someone else about another fantastic prize. As if that isn't enough!) And I'm going to round out the prize package with a few diapers and accessories of my own. Need a snappi? I'm your gal!

So enter to win and spread the word! If I can get even one more person to give cloth diapering a try, I'll be happy. Leave a comment here telling me why you would like to (or already do) cloth diaper. For an additional entry, tweet a link to this giveaway and leave me a comment telling me you did so, with your twitter username. I'll pick a random winner on Monday, April 25, at some point in the evening, so get those entries in sooner rather than later!


18 thoughts on “cloth diaper giveaway!

  1. One of the things I’ve always known I wanted to do when I had a baby was use cloth diapers. I’m still learning the ropes, and the baby isn’t due for another 2+ months, but it’s nice to be so confident about at least one thing.

  2. my babies are out of diapers… but i love your post!

  3. You already know I HEART me my cloth diapers :) Can I say that my favorite thing about them is the giant diaper butt they create??? SO CUTE!!

  4. I chose to cloth diaper son mostly because of the environmental impact of using disposables. It just seemed incredibly wasteful and expensive. I am now expecting my second child any day now and I have not had to buy a single diaper related item for him. We spent less than $1000 to diaper our first and now we are spending $0 to diaper our second. I like that math!

  5. We love our cloth diapers! And rockin’ green. I might have just put in an RG order so I could load up on new scents. I might have a little problem here!

  6. Seriously considering cloth diapering (pregnant with our 1st), mostly due to the expense of using disposables – I mean it’s ridiculous! We worked out that the total cost of cloth diapers is equal to just four months of disposables – a clear win! And as for the supposed “yuck” factor, I figure poop is gross whether you’re using disposables or cloth, so what’s the difference?

  7. we cloth diaper because of the cost savings. however, i love it now because the dipes are just so cute!

  8. I agree – less expensive, cuter, and it just feels so much nicer to put cotton next to that soft skin. :)

  9. Ooh, my sister in law has been asking me about cloth diapering and she was surprised how easy it looks compared to ye diapers of old! I was a bit scared about telling her about cloth diapers as I didn’t want her to think I was judging her if she ends up using disposables so I was quite relieved she asked!
    I would love to be able to give her some cloth diapers to try out. There are so many reasons to try out cloth diapering-You never run out of diapers, less likely to develop rash, not as hot and humid as plastic nappies and you save money of course!

  10. I would like to cloth diaper in the future, because it causes less waste! You also aren’t putting chemicals directly against you baby’s little “bits” and of course the fabric options are endless, and so cute!

  11. We switched to cloth diapers mostly because I was tired of the waste. It just seemed odd to us that we were the granola crunchy parents making baby food & breast feeding while using disposables. Though I haven’t tried the Rockin’ Green.
    Plus, the cloth diapers are way cuter!

  12. I’m really excited to use cloth diapers. You’re posts have been really helpful in navigating the overwhelming world of cloth diapers.
    Also, I tweeted here:!/AtheneNumphe/status/60726551834136577

  13. We’ve been using gDiapers w/ cloth inserts for our 6 week old Matilda but I’ve been frustrated at how often they seem to be leaking. I’ve been thinking we’d try some different cloth systems as she starts to outgrow the g’s we’ve already invested in. I’ve seen Rockin’ Green on Amazon, would LOVE to try it.

  14. I’d like to try cloth diapering. I am a little terrified of it, because my son is 3 and can really stink up a room, but gawd, disposables are so expensive!

  15. we love cloth diapering! nothing i like more than seeing a cute cloth diaper covered bum – makes ’em look more fluffy. and diapers on a clothesline always make me smile!

  16. I am trying to Cloth Diaper my 3 month old twin girls but only have 4 a piece! I would love to win another CD to add to my stash!

  17. I would love to give cloth diapering a try to do something a little more eco friendly and also wallet friendly!