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one last thing…

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Remember how when I posted about the cloth diaper giveaway I was waiting on one last donor? Well, better late than never, I received word right after I picked the winner that Fuzzibunz (one of my personal faves) was willing to generously donate one of their Earth Day Every Day diapers! Yay! So the winner (Hi Sherrie!) will be (if she hasn’t already) receiving one of those lovelies in addition to the other prizes.

I also want to give a big shout out to Fuzzibunz for having wonderful support. I bought a perfect size diaper recently that had something wrong with it – a weird, random fluke. All my other Fuzzibunz (new and used!) are in absolutely perfect condition but this one bizarrely was not. I contacted their support and very quickly I was OK’d to send it back for a replacement. Not only did I rapidly receive my new diaper in the mail, identical to the one I’d mailed in, but I also received, as a way to make up for having to spend money on postage to mail the defective diaper, two beautiful pairs of Agoo bamboo leggings! They couldn’t have picked two more perfect pairs for us – decidedly feminine but not “girly.” Perfect. All in all, an excellent experience! Thanks Fuzzibunz!


One thought on “one last thing…

  1. Yay, yay, yay! I’m super excited. :)

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