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potholder, potholders, potholders!



Potholders! Recently I participated in the 3rd annual potholder swap…the first time for me though! In fact, I learned to crochet earlier this spring, specifically for the swap!


Since I’m just a newbie crocheter, I chose a pretty simple pattern – the potholder pattern by Bea Aarebrot. It’s very simple but leaves room for lots of colorful interpretation and no two of mine were alike! I had a great time learning to crochet and making these and I really enjoyed getting a little surprise package a few weeks later…


The potholders I received in exchange for my little lovelies were great – I love them all, despite the fact that I probably never would have made any of them, for a variety of reasons. The colors mostly fall outside my comfort range, even though now that I own them I think they’re fantastic! And the patterns seem like they might have been a little beyond my newbie capabilities, or at least would have taken a little more time than I had to devote to the project. Nothing like a swap to get you thinking outside your own little box!

Pattern: potholders by Bea Aarebrot
Yarn: Tahki Cotton Classic
Hook: 3.75 mm (F)
See mine on Ravelry


2 thoughts on “potholder, potholders, potholders!

  1. i love the rainbow and white one… so pretty!!!

  2. Pot holders would make a fantastic DIY wedding favor. Many people don’t have any or very few and they really do come in handy when you need something for a hot bottomed pot.

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