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Baking, crafting, mama-ing and taking photos of it all. When I remember.

summertime, summertime

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Oh, summer. What have I been up to? Clearly not blogging… Mostly because I’ve been, well, living.

Started off the season with some gorgeous flowers…hyacinths! (Which, if you’ve been ’round these parts very long, you know are some of my very favorites.)

spring hyacinth

There were also (and will always be) some whoopie pies. Oh, the deliciousness. My favorites come from the bakery down the street – Borealis Breads. Yum.

whoopie pie

There was some music-ing…

musical baby

And somebody’s very first beach trip…

1st beach trip

(Well, the first one where she could actually appreciate it, anyway…) Followed by some more beach trips…

more beach!

And some more… Love that sand!

and more beach...

There were a lot of hot lazy days spent playing with blocks and baby pools.

hot summer days

There was even some sewing! Here, the lovely E is stacking some rings in her beautiful new handmade dress!


And some more sewing… Love that dress pattern!


I gardened. Quite a bit actually. And I had every intention of blogging about my experience, but…well…maybe I’ll get around to an end-of-season recap?

eggplant, with cat

We had play dates!

play date

And parties!

party time!

And, of course, I just had to sew a party dress to go to some of those parties…

party dress

There was swinging and sliding…

slide action

I just had to sew another pair of shoes, before E outgrew the pattern…

handmade shoes

There’s been a lot of jam and jelly making and other preserving. Like whoa. A lot. Here, vanilla peach oolong. There’s also been strawberry lime jam, blackberry jelly, maple strawberry smooch, strawberry lemonade concentrate, salsa verde and more on the agenda…

vanilla peach oolong jelly

In addition to all that, I dyed yarn all summer for Picnic at the end of August. My first time vending as a yarnie! (I’ve done craft shows before, but not with the yarn…)

Picnic yarn

Finally, at the end of it all, when I was feeling a little stressed out by all that was happening, we went on vacation! A week at the lake, even if part of it is spent with no power or running water (thanks, Irene!) is a wondrous thing.

sitting on the dock after Irene

To top off the vacation, my dear father turned 60. Party! And he got to spend the day with his granddaughter. (Among others…) Possibly my favorite moment this summer.


So I may not have been blogging, or commenting on your blogs, or, honestly, even reading them most of the time, but I’m here. I’ve been checking in and catching up periodically but I feel like an ass commenting on months-old posts often, so I read, and move on. And live. It’s been a good summer for us. I hope the same is true for you!

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