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Common Ground Fair 2011

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apple variety

This past weekend, we headed up to Unity, Maine for our 3rd year at the Common Ground Country Fair. It was blissful. (Well, the rain drip-drip-dripping on my head Friday night when a bit of the tent leaked wasn’t so blissful, nor was the way my back felt after sleeping on the hard ground and forgetting our pillows…but the rest of the weekend was wonderful!)


The first year we went, we had only been in Maine for a couple days and it was a bit of a climate shocker to go camping and wake up to frost in the morning! Then last year, I brought E, who was 5 months old at the time, and M was in Seattle. Luckily, my dear friends that we go with were extremely helpful. This year, M was back in the picture and E was old enough to enjoy stuff! Like playing in the big baskets of beans at the Fedco tent! (Turns out, she’s afraid of when sheep baa. Which should bode well for our trip to a sheep and wool festival in a few weeks…)

tomato spectrum

One of my favorite parts is the main building where they display all the vegetables and beans. Call me crazy. I love seeing what other people are growing.

giant cabbage

A few more photos from the fair…


flurfy bunny

duck tomato!


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