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toddler house

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toddler house

While you're waiting for me to get going on part 2 (part 1 is here), here's a look at a quick and easy toddler project I did recently! The resident toddler approves of it, very much so.

Evelyn loves it!

Recently, we got a dishwasher. Our landlord was at the house, doing something for the upstairs neighbors, and we got to talking and for some reason he asked us if there was anything we needed or wanted. We said, well, how about a dishwasher? And lo and behold…he said OK! It took forever but now, several months later, we have a dishwasher. I think I'm in love. Seriously. The dishes will be washing and I'll be doing something else and I'll remark to M how lovely it is.


This post is not about the dishwasher and how it makes me swoon. This post is about the box the dishwasher came in.

So, we're broke. You sort of know this anyway, if you read part 1 of my story. There's no way I can afford to buy E some sort of fancy little play house. I can't even buy her the materials to get all crafty and make her a fancy little play house. But with a giant leftover box (which we so conveniently happened to have), an exacto knife, some spraypaint and a bit of rope – voila! A (not so) fancy little play house!

And, really. Does she even know the difference?

She loves it. She loves to go in and close the door behind her. She loves to peek out the window at us and play peekaboo. She loves to peek out the "skylight" and giggle at us. She loves to open the door, toss something in and slam it shut again. (As much as a cardboard door can slam, that is…) She loves it!

So do the cats…but that's another story.

Jack likes it

So what did I do to make this masterpiece of modern architecture and engineering? Well, we cut the bottom off the box. (Or, I should say, the guy who installed the dishwasher did. To, y'know, get the dishwasher out.) Then I cut a door as straightly as possible, and bent it so it would open and close. I cut some windows. (I may add curtains…we'll see.) I also poked a little hole where a doorknob would be, poked a small length of rope through it and tied it on both sides. That's it! So simple! I then spent under $10 for some spraypaint and painted the walls a beautiful buttery yellow and the door and roof a nice dark brown.

It's the easiest thing in the world. And the best part is that when she outgrows it, we can just pitch it in the recycling bin!

Until then…

toddler in da house


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