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30 days of thanks: day 3

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What am I thankful for today?


My workplace. (And free food. I couldn't let the food thing slip by me…)

I have a wonderfully flexible and understanding workplace. We had our annual benefit fair today and I went prepared with some quesitons for HR. I found out something today that didn't fit with my plans for the future, but simultaneously found out that the university itself it more generous than I knew. Yes, I realize I'm being vague…

It's also a very pretty place to work. The school grounds are old – I recently cataloged a book published in the mid 1800s and it contained a thoroughly recognizable map of the grounds. The buildings are mostly old, the campus backs up to one of the largest cemeteries around and the trees stretch their aged limbs over us.


April showers bring May flowers.

Oh, and I also got free ice cream… (See? Food!)

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