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30 days of thanks: day 6

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What am I thankful for today?

Certainly not the time change... All you people who love the extra hour of sleep clearly don't have small children at home.


Still practicing...

I am thankful for my awesome vacuum cleaner today! For the first time in a…while…we hauled E's car seat out of the car and I vacuumed every nook and cranny meticulously with our super fantastic vacuum cleaner. Oh, modern conveniences… I have never historically had much use for the "crevice tool" attachment to the vacuum but OH MY GOODNESS. Today it was my new best friend.

For those of you who don't have small children, the car seat, no matter how tidy the child, seems to become a receptacle for all things crumby and crumbly. We are a relatively clean family, generally speaking, but E didn't seem to get that notice.

For the longest time (and still now, to a certain degree) E didn't like riding in the car unless she had a snack. And by "didn't like" I mean "screamed bloody murder." So for months and months now we have had a box of Baby Mum Mums in the front seat, ready to be pitched back at moment's notice to a grabby toddler. They're really remarkably un-crumbly, for a cracker, but still.

Bits of mum mum, shards of cracker, small toys, shredded paper, minute smears of applesauce, the teensiest remains of that time she got car sick… UGH. But with the help of my new best friend, the crevice tool, and a few sprays of my homemade all-purpose cleaner, it's good as new!

Plus, it entertained her all evening after dinner – she didn't know what to make of having the car seat in the dining room!


One thought on “30 days of thanks: day 6

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