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30 days of thanks: day 9

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What am I thankful for today?

multicolored carrots

Our local farmers market!

I love shopping local in all areas of my life, not just food, and I do so whenever I'm able. But I especially love buying my food directly from the farmers. I was thinking today as I drove back home from downtown how spoiled I've gotten being able to get fresh food from local farmers markets twice a week. Twice! I could even get it more frequently if I decided to just pop over to the next town or two. (But twice a week is perfect for me – each trip (and each dozen eggs) gets us through about 3-4 days, so.)

The market I went to today, right in the heart of downtown, across from the library, is so perfect. I love people-watching there, especially right around lunchtime. (Though I never go to the market that late anymore – gotta get my local eggs and they'll all be gone if I dawdle!) And I'm sad that soon, very soon, this Wednesday morning market will cease for the winter. It was such a beautiful, sunny, warm-for-November day that it didn't seem possible winter is just around the corner!

Plus, where will I get my mid-week eggs?


Kettle River


radishes are pretty


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