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30 days of thanks: day 22, 23, 24

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I forgot!

Well, on the 22nd I was thankful for a relatively healthy child, despite the fact that she woke up with a cough in the middle of the night and coughed so hard she puked all over me, herself, the bed… All in all, she's a healthy kid and I couldn't be more grateful!

On the 23rd I was thankful for our mere dusting of wet, slushy snow, instead of the 6-10 inches that was forecast! I am already missing several work-at-home days this month, due to holidays, and I couldn't afford to keep E home from daycare so I was really glad she was still able to go!

Today I am thankful for everything in my life this day: my beautiful daughter, wonderful husband, fantastic family, pie, mashed potatoes and especially…stuffing. Ah, my favorite part of turkey day.


Happy thanksgiving to all who celebrate it! And happy Thursday to all who don't!


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