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30 days of thanks: days…eh, whatever

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OK, so apparently I’m not so good at this “blogging every day!” thing.


I’m thankful for the wonderful people in my life.


I’m thankful for my beautiful daughter. She is smart and funny and entertains me every day with some fascinating little thing she does or says. I had no idea that having a kid would be so…fun. She’s the most awesome little person I know.

I’m thankful for my lovely husband. (I’d have to be to sew him some flannel PJs, considering he’s 6’4″ tall…that’s a lot of sewing…)

I’m thankful for my family. I have a small family and they aren’t all nearby, but I love each and every one of them, no matter how they frustrate me at times. They’re family! They’re supposed to, right? My dear sister, parents, aunts and uncles. Cousins I rarely see. Grandparents I only occasionally see, despite them living close by. Extended family. Step-family. Honorary family. They’re all wonderful.

I’m thankful for my friends, both in real life and online. Sometimes I feel like my online friends are more “real” than my real life friends – we share so much in common and communicate much more frequently than most of my local friends. But local friends are just that – local – and I love knowing that there are at least a handful of people out there in my community that I can call on when I need a friend. Thanks to you all.


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