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Baking, crafting, mama-ing and taking photos of it all. When I remember.

Happy holidays!

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happy holiday bokeh

I hope everybody has been having a lovely holiday season…we sure have over here! Fairly low-key, with a few big surprises thrown in…

I haven’t taken a single photo. (!) Shame on me! Aside from a twin toddler photo shoot I did a couple weeks ago, my camera has been collecting dust on a shelf. Anyone know where I left my photo mojo? I didn’t even document my darling toddler’s Christmas shenanigans! Help!

I’ve been doing some knitting (hats galore! toddler mittens! socks!) and some sewing and some quilting. Maybe if I find my photo mojo, I’ll actually remember to snap a few photos of the finished objects and share them with you!

There’s a few recipes in the queue to share – cashew tamari dressing, for starters. (Oh, the yummy…) But largely we’ve been eating a lot of truffles and cookies and popcorn and other festive goodies. Hopefully that will change now that the holidays are approaching an end.

This is a vacation week over here and I’d like to say that I might catch up on some blogging but in reality I will probably be doing a lot of napping, a lot of knitting, some reading and a bit of baking. Now if that pesky photo mojo would just show up, I could document it all…

Hope you all had a decent 2011 – I have very high hopes for 2012!

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