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My last money-saving post was about cooking and eating, so I thought I'd share a few of my favorite resources here. I tend to stick to only a few basic books and websites, because I usually find what I need there and/or just can't handle information overload. I used to subscribe to a whole bunch of beautiful food blogs, but found that they weren't practical in terms of actually cooking and eating. Some of them had beautiful photography or wonderful witty writing, but when it came to the recipes, I either didn't like them much or the ingredients were too expensive or hard to find. This (short) list is a few that I have found over time to be reliably inexpensive (at least most of the time) and suit my taste in food:

Budget Bytes – This is my newest addition to the bunch. It is what it says it is – budget conscious eating! I've tried quite a few of the recipes here and found them all to be tasty and not too difficult/time consuming to make. Plus, it gives you a cost breakdown for each one. Your costs may vary, of course, depending on where you live, what substitutions you make and a variety of other factors, but you get a general idea.

Catherine Newman – I've been following her writing/blogging progress for years. I started reading her blog over on Babycenter, back in the days before I was even contemplating having kids of my own. I followed her over here and then on to her own blog. Hers is one that I don't go to solely for recipes, though they are always good and simple and cheap. I love her writing, and always have, so check out not only the food, but the thoughts as well!

smitten kitchen – Do I even need to talk about this one? If you haven't read any posts over at smitten kitchen, just go. Do it right now. (And, um, where have you been?)

Food in Jars – For the canners and preservers among us, this is a nice resource for canning recipes. Yum!

As far as cookbooks go, I tend to stick to a few that have reliable, basic recipes. I use the Joy of Cooking to look up most anything I need to figure out. Usually they have it in there, sometimes they don't. I have several King Arthur flour cookbooks that I use for most of my baking needs. And for canning, I love this Ball book on canning.

That's just a very few of the (probably) millions of resources out there for home cooks, bakers, canners, etc! Do you have a favorite budget-friendly source of recipes? Share it in the comments!


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