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mail organizer

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mail organizer

What’s this? I made something? No, couldn’t be!

It’s true. I made this mail organizer a while back after seeing a photo of Danielle’s lovely versions last year.

mail organizer

You can find the tutorial here. There’s not a lot of sewing involved – some but not much. There is, however, lots of assembling and hot gluing and that sort of thing. The whole thing comes together relatively quickly, as long as you can find everything you need for “ingredients” and don’t accidentally forget something and have to go back to the store or misplace your staple gun and have to borrow one or realize your hot glue gun must’ve been disowned during one of many moves, necessitating yet another trip to the store… I mean, not that I know this from personal experience. Ahem.

mail organizer

I just got sick of stacking mail on top of the television or losing magazines and bills to a toddler’s grabby hands. This is a lovely solution. It is on the other side of the wall from our front door and high enough that no little ones will be sticking their paws into it anytime soon.

mail organizer

I will say, however, that this particular DIY project was really just a labor of love and did not save any money in the long run. (Especially due to needing a new glue gun…ahem.) But, while I may have been able to pick up a cheap(er) mail organizer in the office supply aisle at Target, it wouldn’t have been nearly as cute or personalized as this one. I do love it so!

One thought on “mail organizer

  1. I need to get some of this to put it in our office. Papers are everywhere! XD

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