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perils of babywearing


not even a month old!

Babywearing is a fantastic way to have your baby close and snuggly and still be able to get (some) things done. (I never can manage to wash any dishes – the sink is too far away with a baby on my front!) I am a big believer in babywearing. Some nights dinner wouldn't make it to the table without my trusty Ergo.

However, wearing a squawky baby while trying to make several relatively important phone calls is maybe not ideal. Especially when one of those phone calls involves a voice response system…

Phone: "For [jumping elephants] press option 1. For [herding hyenas] press option…"


Phone: [pause] "I'm sorry, I did not get your response."

Me: *sigh*


2 thoughts on “perils of babywearing

  1. Ha! So true.
    Washing dishes didn’t happen for me when I was wearing M on my front, either – I mean, I couldn’t reach the sink when I was pregnant with her anyway, and it’s not like she got any SMALLER once she was on the outside!

  2. Washing dishes with LP in the front carry was actually something I got good at. I’d put his butt on the edge of the sink, which helped me get closer and help take some of his weight.
    I just bought my fourth carrier…I may have a problem.

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