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8 in 2013 :: snuggie monster

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snuggie monster

I've created a monster.

A snuggie monster.


Backing up to the beginning… For the first of my finished 8 in 2013 projects, I've made a giant snuggie. Or slanket. Whatever you want to call it, it's a warm blanket with sleeves.

Wait, 8 in 2013?

Backing up further... A Twitter friend decided to start an 8 in 2013 project. (Read more about it here.) The general idea is to do 8…things…in 2013. Myself, I decided to finish 8 sewing projects. (Notice I didn't say start…) These sewing projects will be big and small, some are already started, some are only planned. But I decided to tag along, as are a bunch of other folks, and try to challenge myself to complete eight sewing projects.

Why sewing? Eight knitting projects would frankly just not be a challenge. And I have neither the time nor the money to travel to eight new places. Since it's taken me 6 months to read a handful of books, it's probably unrealistic to read eight books. (Sad, I know…) But sewing? Sewing is something I love to do but am finding it hard to find time for. As H gets older, it gets easier and I expect it to continue getting easier throughout the year.

If you want to join in, read the blog post I mention above, check out the Flickr group, or search Twitter for #8in2013.

snuggie monster

M is always cold, so I decided to make him a snuggie. I ventured out into the wildness of Black Friday at my local JoAnn Fabrics and picked up something like 5 or 6 yards (yes, yards) of fleece for super cheap. Finally, after some measuring and finagling and googling, I sewed him a snuggie. It was incredibly easy and super fast. Basically, it's just a giant rectangle with two holes for arms and the sleeves sewed in. I more or less followed the instructions here, not that instructions are really needed for a project of this complexity. Fleece doesn't fray, so there was no hemming. I left a lot of fabric at the top because M likes to bury his head in the blankets, so I thought he might like to do it in his snuggie too. And it's ridiculously long, because a) he's very tall and b) I wanted to make sure he could cover his feet if he wanted to while he was sitting down.

So what was the verdict? It's a big win!

snuggie monster

One thought on “8 in 2013 :: snuggie monster

  1. Bwahahahaha I am dying at this!!!!! Awesome :)

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