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8 in 2013 :: brown pajamas

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This is the second of my 8 in 2013 projects – brown flannel pajamas for M. And this is an example of my 8 in 2013 projects being defined by being finished this year…not necessarily started. These PJs took an embarrassingly long time to make. I picked up the flannel (in three colors!) on Black Friday of…2011. Yes. Over a year ago. *ahem* I also picked up the pattern – Butterick 5537 – at the same time for 99 cents.


Now, the problem with this pattern or, possibly, the problem with sewing things for M, is that nothing fits him. He's…very tall. So in order to have these jammies fit him, I bought the pattern for the XL-XXXL. Great! Except that M is extra tall, but not extra wide. So, while they fit around him, the length is strange. And part of this must have to do with the pattern itself – otherwise, the lengths would all be too short. Right? The length of the shirt is fine. Possibly too long even. But the length of the sleeves? Way too short. As you can see, I didn't even hem them. I'll need to do something about those raw edges, but I didn't want to subject my husband to 3/4 length sleeves on otherwise warm and cozy pajamas in the middle of winter in Maine.


The actual cutting and sewing went fairly smoothly. It's not a complicated pattern, it just took me forever to finally get around to it. (And, in all fairness, I did sew the pajama pants quite some time ago. It was the shirt that was missing…) It's a pretty straightforward pattern – sleeves, two fronts, back…and some weirdness with the collar pieces that may or may not have had some degree of operator error. I'll let you know when I sew the next set…


Because remember? I bought three lengths of flannel! So, coming up soon (hopefully sooner than next year…) will be two more sets of pajamas! Stay tuned for blue and green…

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