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the birthday girl’s birthday dress

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bday dress

Because I am crazy, I decided to make E a dress for her birthday. Why is that crazy? Because of when I decided to make E a dress for her birthday…exactly one month before her party. Out of hand dyed fingering weight yarn. Yep. That's me.

bday dress

Well, despite the short (for me) time frame, I did get it finished! I wove in the ends and sewed on the buttons mere hours before her birthday party, all while holding a newly-sick-with-his-first-ear-infection baby. Poor thing.

bday dress

The dress is perfect. I mean, just perfect. The colors are perfect (since I dyed the yarn myself), the fit is perfect, the buttons are perfect…it is quite possibly the most perfect thing I've ever knit. Just look at the fit on her wee little shoulders!


The pattern is Nova and I was given a head's up that the pattern runs small and thank goodness for that – I knit E the size SIX and it fits her tall, slender 3 year old frame just perfectly.


Also, THREE? How did that happen?

Happy birthday sweet girl!

Dress details on Ravelry.


One thought on “the birthday girl’s birthday dress

  1. Congrats on the cute knit dress! I tried a cute toddler dress and it looked like an alien outfit :-(
    Birthday dresses for our toddler girls are so fun!

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