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8 in 2013 :: Uptown Girl jacket

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Uptown girl jacket

As I'm going through old posts to link to the previous jacket I made from this pattern, it becomes obvious to me that…I never blogged it! Well, too late now. But there's at least a photo of it in action in this post.

Uptown girl jacket

So! This is my fourth, unless I can't count, which is entirely possible, 8 in 2013 sewing project. (For previous projects, go here, here and here.)

Uptown girl jacket

The pattern is the Uptown Girl Jacket, and I adore it. Two years ago, when I first acquired the pattern, it wasn't available here in the US. (Or at least not in any way I could easily get it.) So a friend, who had made the jacket for her daughter, let me borrow hers. But now, you lucky folks, it's available as a PDF! Yay! And, oh the excitement, it now comes in larger sizes! Hooray!

Uptown girl jacket

Last time, I made the size 2 for E, shortly before her 2nd birthday. This year, I made her the size…4? Or 5? Oh, how easily we forget… Anyway, I made it a trifle larger than was strictly necessary, because I didn't get around to making it until rather late in the spring and I wanted to make sure it would fit through the summer and into fall. Perhaps even into spring of next year? We shall see…

Uptown girl jacket

The only change I made to the pattern was to omit the hood. I made the hood last year and we never really used it – it was too shallow to stay on her head properly. I didn't feel like re-drafting the hood part of the pattern (and would I even know how?) so I simply left it off. No big loss to us – she's got plenty of hats, if she's actually chilly, and for rainy days she has a raincoat with a nice deep hood.

Uptown girl jacket

We spent a good long while in the fabric store, trying to come to a decision about fabric that we both could live with. Oy. She specifically wanted it to be black and pink. The black was easy enough – it's just a simple solid black flannel. The pink was…a challenge. She kept picking out pink fabrics that were probably quite lovely to a nearly 3 year old, but which I knew would absolutely drive me insane if I had to sew with them for any length of time. Not to mention being seen in public with a child in a pink jacket adorned with garish birds or giant flowers. Silly? Perhaps. But I do have my (somewhat arbitrary) standards. We finally settled on this nice pink and white print, that actually somewhat resembles the aqua print from last year's jacket.

Uptown girl jacket

Surprising me, she prefers to wear the black side facing out, with the pink only showing where the sleeves are rolled. Maybe the pink lining is like her fancy little secret…

Uptown girl jacket

One thought on “8 in 2013 :: Uptown Girl jacket

  1. i love it!!! can’t wait to see it in ACTION!!!

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