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002: snow day baby



As you may, or may not know, this week hasn’t exactly gone as I’d planned. I came down with the flu on Sunday and spent Sunday and Monday in bed, either asleep or moaning in pain. Yay! Feeling better now, but with temps not even above 0 (!) and snow coming down until sometime tomorrow, I’m not exactly eager to leave the house. (I mean, I am eager…but…) I’m more than a little bummed at the timing of all of this – tomorrow was supposed to be a “me” day. The kids were both going to be at school/daycare and I was going to take an extra vacation day since I’d already been told nobody else was planning on coming in. Also, I had a job interview. But now the kids’ schools are closed, my interview is postponed, and I probably won’t get to the leave the house. I love my kids dearly, but I’ve been cooped up in this house with them for 13 straight days now. And now I’m looking at 4 more.

Did I mention it would have been the first time I’ve had a “me” day and been home alone since H was born? Yeah.

Luckily the little meatball looks awfully cute gazing at the snowstorm. <3

12 thoughts on “002: snow day baby

  1. Not fun at all! I hope the storm isn’t too bad and you get a just for you day very soon!

  2. Yikes – that did not work out in your favor at all. Hope that you get that “me” time soon & good luck on the interview!

  3. Oh man, that’s a rough patch. I hope you can get a little recovery time soon!

  4. Thirteen days? You deserve a medal.

  5. Ugh, that is bad timing. I’m sorry you’re losing your me time, but glad you’re feeling better now. I hope you get a little free time soon.

  6. I am glad you’re feeling better – but damnit this storm has bad timing! I hope you get a break soon. (H is adorable!)

  7. I love this shot. I’m sorry about being sick. You poor thing.

  8. Ooh, an interview?!? This is a good thing, right?

  9. i hope you get some time to yourself soon too. i was going nuts with all the in-laws in town for 14 days, but derek took them out golfing a couple times to allow me some alone time. this little face really does make it look pretty nice though.

  10. On the up side, the lighting in this shot is gorgeous. Fingers crossed you get your me day soon.

  11. Being sick sucks :(. hope you get your me-day soon – you’re waaaay overdue for one!

  12. Ugh, I’m sorry. Hope you feel better soon, and get a YOU day soon! You deserve it!

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