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Baking, crafting, mama-ing and taking photos of it all. When I remember.

004: hi, just me


004: me

Just me. Howdy. As an intro, I’m Laura. Bookgrl on Flickr/Twitter/most places. I live in the greater Portland area of Maine. It’s %&$^ing cold right now. You’ve met both my kids – H is Henry who is 17 months and E is Evelyn who is 3.5. There’s also a husband, M, but I doubt he’ll actually be in many photos. You’ll probably see a lot of photos of those kiddos, maybe some of me, and the rest will likely be food, knitting and other crafts, and naturey crap. Some boring work stuff if I must – I love my job (I’m a librarian) but it’s not always the most photogenic.

Very atypically for me, though I’d like to change that, I am wearing COLOR and PATTERN in this pic. WHAT.

14 thoughts on “004: hi, just me

  1. COLOR and PATTERN that looks great on you!

  2. LOVE that top! And HI!!

  3. yeah I was very confused about who this was a picture of, given the loud shirt. (And it’s not even actually loud!!)

  4. hi! I love the top – it looks great on you.

  5. I love the shirt!

  6. “naturey crap” haaaaaa

  7. I love your shirt, too! I recently realized that I have a zillion gray cardigans, so I could use some branching out, too.

  8. Super cute top! I can manage colors, but prints I need to work on.

  9. That top looks great on you! Well done!!.

  10. Agree re: everyone else’s comments – that top looks great!

  11. Hi! Nice to meet you :)

  12. Hi! I always knew H was Henry, but I never knew what E was for. I love the name Evelyn.

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