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005: deathbed


005: ugh

Today didn’t go as planned. I was planning to work from home for a while but about an hour and half in, i got excruciating stomach pain/cramps/something and ended up writhing and moaning in agony for a while. So, yeah, that sucked. M said I was more chill while in labor. And indeed, this was more painful! (Please to note: I had drug-free labors, so that’s saying something.) Holy shit, I have absolutely no idea what hit me but thankfully it appears to be gone now and nobody else got it. Whatever it was. Jesus.

Of course, by the time that was over all my work tasks were gone. Booo. On the bright side, I got to take a nap and I spent quite a bit of time lounging in an overstuffed chair watching my family do their respective things. Looking forward to a normal day! Hopefully tomorrow.

14 thoughts on “005: deathbed

  1. Gosh! Glad you are OK! Sorry the day was a bust.

  2. Ugh, I am SO SORRY, that sounds dreadful.

  3. :(
    Dude, keep an eye on that. Could be a warning sign. Gall bladder, appendix, etc.

  4. (says Dr. Carolyn mua ha ha ha ha ha ha. BUT SERIOUSLY. My dad had his GB out at 34 and he had a few spells like that first.)

  5. man, you’ve been hit in these last few weeks – I hope this is the end of it and you’re feeling 100% soon!

  6. So glad you’re feeling better, and hopefully that won’t happen again! (But I’m with Carolyn – it sounds like gall bladder symptoms to me. Be careful!)

  7. ack, that sounds horrible! So glad you’re feeling better.

  8. Thanks friends, I’m actually going to call my doctor in the morning and see if there’s anything they think I should do/keep an eye out for/etc.

  9. yikes, scary! i had something that i imagine was relatively similar after I ate basically an entire jar of cowboy candy with cream cheese and crackers for dinner. It was like I had attacked myself from the inside. At the risk of TMI, it wasn’t as if it wanted to GO anywhere (up or down), it just wanted to EAT MY STOMACH FROM THE INSIDE. I whines and writhed and was generally a mess and I knew for sure I had done it to myself!

  10. Holy crap! Anything that is worse than childbirth; close to childbirth, etc. I’m soo sorry. Hope it abates soon.

  11. Fingers crossed tomorrow is better!

  12. Oh wow, that is horrible. I hope it is over and never happens again! It’s time for you to feel better!

  13. I know it’s wrong, but this makes me laugh so hard. I would have done the same thing for dinner if given the opportunity and five bucks says I would have had the same outcome. Because cowboy candy!

  14. I’ve been having gallbladder issues, too, and this sounds really familiar. So sorry you’re dealing with this, and I hope it was a one time thing!

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