eat! craft! live!

Baking, crafting, mama-ing and taking photos of it all. When I remember.

10 thoughts on “007: gaaaah

  1. Yay for little corners. And I hope the other stuff improves soon.

  2. ::hugs:: The end of our loft space upstairs is like that for me. I hope things get better soon. Life, why you gotta be so rough?

  3. That is a lovely corner – I do hope things lighten soon for you!

  4. You are having a rough time of it lately! I hope it gets better soon. If I can help, let me know.

  5. Hugs to you, L.

  6. I hope things get better! Having a space that you love really does make a difference.

  7. Did you take all of the pictures of the kids?

  8. I hope your day is better tomorrow! Also, yay for having a happy place!

  9. Hang in there, hope tomorrow is better.

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