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009: plays with doh


plays with doh

H woke up extra early today so I broke out the play doh before 10AM. Oof. Luckily the rest of the day went pretty quickly! My step-mom brought over lunch and then we hosted a play date and made brownies. Not a bad day overall.

However, I can’t help but obsess over something I can’t do much (or anything) about and it’s driving me crazy. The deal is this: we qualify for a low income day care subsidy. In order to make use of it, our day cares need to have an agreement with the state, basically saying that they will accept a certain amount of money for payment, which, depending on the daycare, won’t be the full amount charged. We, the parents, still pay some, but not the full amount. So, yay, right? H’s daycare has sent in the paperwork, yippee. But E’s daycare was dragging their feet (they’ve had the paperwork for a few weeks) so I asked them about it last night and the director said she has to run it by the board to see if it makes financial sense. Which, OK, they have every right to, but…really? They’re going to dilly dally over what to them is likely a trivial amount of money when it might mean the difference between being able to afford groceries and…not…to us? Really? I mean, heck, I’ll pay the difference if they’ll let me. Then they’d get all their money and we’d still be able to eat.

So frustrating. The board meeting isn’t until next Thursday evening, so nothing will get decided before then anyway. Hopefully it’ll just be fine and I’m worrying for nothing. Fingers crossed…


10 thoughts on “009: plays with doh

  1. Ugh, how frustrating! I hope they’ll come to their senses and get it done, though!

  2. Oh man, how annoying. So sorry!

  3. So frustrating. It doesn’t sound like they’ve handled things very well, and it seems like a classic case of them not getting just how much it would mean to you. I hope everything works out well in the end!

  4. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  5. Could you write a letter to the board to explain your case?

  6. How frustrating! I’ll be thinking good thoughts for you guys!

  7. E looks so grown up in this shot! I hope the board realizes what this means, and that they rule in your favor — I am frustrated on your behalf!

  8. Keeping you in my thoughts and hoping that this goes the right way for you!

  9. One of the women I work with and know pretty well is (I *think*) actually ON the board. I’m going to talk to her!

  10. Ugh, that sucks. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they do the right thing!

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