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013: this child is a CLIMBER


this KID

Seriously. I can’t even. He’s such a daredevil, in ways that E just never was. Or even is now. (Yes, he fell off the play kitchen moments after I snapped this pic. Bad mama.) I swear he’s going to be up on the roof by the time he’s 5.


11 thoughts on “013: this child is a CLIMBER

  1. Oh, gosh, M is like this too. She is *such* a daredevil, but fortunately for all of us, she actually has RIDICULOUSLY amazing balance, so doesn’t fall all that often. There’s just no stopping my little monkey.

  2. What a little acrobat! As long as he doesn’t do that on the real stove… yikes!

  3. ha, i would be running towards him if i saw this. i’ve been known to reach out and / or go to grab random children that i think might fall while their parents just casually watch close by.

  4. He’s just practicing for when he runs away to the circus, Ma. Gah.

  5. He is going to be trouble! Or, well, already is.

  6. I’m sorry, but I’m distracted by the cute foot!

  7. By the time of 10 he will reach to the moon.

  8. Not sure! We’ll find out next week at his 18mo appt. TALL.

  9. That is perhaps the loveliest thing anyone’s ever said about his height…

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