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014: “go easy”



“Go easy.”

That was M’s delightful advice this morning as I was putting on makeup before my job interview. I mean, WTF? I’m barely wearing any! Hello? Do I look like a tarted up whore? I think not.

(I mean, seriously, do I? I really don’t think so.)

10 thoughts on “014: “go easy”

  1. How was the interview? And no, you do not look like a tarted up whore.

  2. Haha. Here’s another vote for not looking like a tarted up whore. ;)

  3. Ha, thanks. The interview went…fine? I guess? I won’t hear for a few weeks.

  4. You absolutely do not. M needs his eyes checked.

  5. No! No you do not! But I find, sometimes, that people throw out unhelpful advice when they don’t know what else to say (I’m guilty!)? I hope you hear good news from the interview.

  6. You look great. Hope you get the job!

  7. You look really natural here. I hope you get good news!

  8. Ha, not even. You look completely natural with crazy flawless skin.

  9. No. You don’t look like a tarted up women at all. You look like somebody who uses make-up to emphasize her natural beauty. Keeping fingers crossed for the job!

  10. You look beautiful and fresh, and the opposite of tarty. Guys say the dumbest things sometimes!

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