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Baking, crafting, mama-ing and taking photos of it all. When I remember.

021: breaking fast


Starbucks breakfast

I am so out of practice with taking public selfies! Eek. Anyway, here I am, finally eating breakfast at the Starbucks by my work. (Free drink! Woo!) It was getting close to lunch time at this point and I was starving. I had to have an ultrasound this morning to see if they could find some reason for my stomach-related agony a couple weeks ago and I couldn’t eat or drink (not even water, gah!) for 12 hours beforehand. That does not make for a cheerful me, lemme tell you…


5 thoughts on “021: breaking fast

  1. OMG fasting is the WORST. Hope it went okay though!

  2. A-Men…the WORST. Hate it.

  3. bleh fasting! hope everything works out okay.

  4. Ugh, fasting! It is teh suck. Hope the ultrasound helps figure it out.

  5. hope they figured it out

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