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022: big little guy



Today H-Bear had his 18 month well check. He’s enormous, as usual. No surprise there! At 35 inches tall and just over 30 lbs he’s the biggest guy among his peers, always. (For reference, E, who will be 4 in April, is only 34 lbs!) I caught him leaping off the arm of the couch tonight while I was making dinner. Repeatedly. He’s got the physical stuff down. Verbally, he’s a little behind, or, well, maybe not behind but certainly not ahead, and I hope that that combined with his larger-than-average size doesn’t hold him back – I can see people expecting him to be more verbal because they think he’s older than he really is. Luckily, he’ll be attending a really fantastic daycare/preschool (the same one E’s currently at) so I have no doubt that they’ll meet him wherever he is, with no expectations. Lucky for him, he’s utterly charming. So he’s got that going for him too!

Indulge me with another photo…

waiting patiently

PS – He’s wearing a Multnomah, knit with Sanguine Gryphon Eidos I bought at Rhinebeck in 2011!

6 thoughts on “022: big little guy

  1. God he looks so grown up! Particularly in that second picture – no baby left in this little guy!

  2. He’s such a cutie!

  3. Yeah, I’ve gotten weird comments from folks about M because they’ve assumed (due to her size) that she’s older than she is, and therefore she seems kinda “slow”. She’s not even behind, verbally – maybe even a little ahead, but she just seems older than she is because of her size so people expect more from her.

    Of course, before she got her hair, she just confused the heck out of everyone. Like, her head looked like a baby-head, all bald and chubby-cheeked, but she was so tall and giant, so people thought she was either a giant, weirdly mobile baby, or a very baby-ish looking older toddler.

    He is SUCH a cutie-pants (even when pantsless :))

  4. YES. Exactly. I’m so afraid people will think he’s slow because they expect that he’s, like, 2+. When in reality he’s just a perfectly average 18 month old!

  5. Yeah, it’s awkward when people make assumptions like that. But really, it doesn’t matter – the folks who DO matter (e.g. teachers and such) will know his age and have more developmentally appropriate expectations.

    M’s one of the youngest in her class (mostly 3yos in her toddler room) but the tallest, ha!

  6. Haha, he is so cute in his diaper and shawl! And what a big boy! He’ll probably start talking your ear off once he starts preschool–Leo was always a chatterbox but his vocabulary and convo skills didn’t really take off until he was around all of the other teachers and kids all day.

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