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026: polished



Like many, I fell into the nail polish hole some time ago when everybody was all “Wheee! Nail polish!” I haven’t gotten to do my nails much since H was born because invariably some kid needs something nail-destroying as soon as I remember/have time to do them. Since we moved, all my polishes have been in a bag under the bathroom sink. I decided it was time to line them up on our (high, wide) windowsill so I can actually see what I have and maybe do my nails more often! I have 21, including a base and a top coat, which seems like a HUGE amount to me but I know there are those of you that have waaaaay more than me. Anyway, it took me all day but I did my nails. (In Essie Wrapped in Rubies, if you’re wondering.) Yay!

(Yes, I lined them up in rainbow order.)

7 thoughts on “026: polished

  1. Well, it’s more than ME, but that’s not saying a lot. I own, uh, one.

  2. I’m actually considering giving most of mine away (I think I made it to about 10) because my nails just reject polish. I paint and then about two hours later it peels and chips. Doesn’t matter the base or topcoat I use. My friend volunteers at a retirement home doing manicures and asked last week if anyone had some to donate.

  3. I don’t have quite that many but when we moved a couple of years ago I tossed out a whole bunch. I’ve gotten a few new ones since but I’m not great about using them unless they dry really fast because I inevitably muck up the mani right away (the Zoyas are great though because each coat dries super fast). Maybe this will inspire me to use some of mine!

  4. Oh, that’s a good use for them…

  5. 21 is more than me, but doesn’t sound like an insane number. And Zoya makes good stuff — they have this one navy blue that is just perfect.

  6. nail polish is great cheap thrill – it’s so easy to amass a bunch. you have a lot of greens!

  7. I’m right there with you right now at about 25 or so. Before we moved, I set aside about half (!) and gave them to Goodwill. I only kept the ones I really love. I wish I had such a nice place to display them!

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