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028: cinnamon roll


20140128-161340.jpgI made cinnamon rolls yesterday and had one today at work slathered in melted butter. SO GOOD.

So my doctor called last night and turns out I do have gallstones so at least I know what that was… They won’t do anything until/unless I have another “attack” so…yay?

Aaand, I’m STILL waiting on word from E’s daycare about our subsidy and I’m getting really annoyed they’re not telling me anything. I was hoping to have this straightened out by the 1st because hello! I don’t have the money to pay them if they’re not going to take the subsidy! I emailed them last Friday and they haven’t responded. Hoping to track down the director at pickup tonight…grr.

Wish me luck…


11 thoughts on “028: cinnamon roll

  1. Good luck for good news from daycare.
    And the cinnamon roll? yummyummyummy!

  2. BIC cristal: all time classic!
    This is a very fine treat you gave yourself! The post-ITs! The pens! Love everything!

  3. Good luck, hope you can get some info tonight!

  4. Good luck! Also I would like a cinnamon roll, please. And I hope the gallstones stay quiet.

  5. yes, good luck with the school situation and gallstones.

    this roll looks way, way good.

  6. So glad you got an answer about the gallstones. Now to get an answer about daycare – waiting is the worst!!

  7. Good luck with the daycare – I *really* hope that works out and I’m so sorry you’re having to wait! They shouldn’t do that to you!

    And glad you got an answer about the gallstones, although yikes, that’s painful stuff there – I’m sorry you had to go through that!

  8. so what happens if the gallstones flare up again?

    Also, I now want cinnamon rolls.

  9. Cinnamon rolls, good; galstones & not getting answers, not so good. Hope it all gets straightened out soon.

  10. melted butter = genius. good luck with the medical stuff and daycare!

  11. If it happens again, we’ll talk surgery. YAY. I never want it to happen again. So, so incredibly painful.

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