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paw print cardi

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paw print cardi

I knit this for H this past fall, as a test knit for the lovely Annika of Noir Knits. I…may have been a little slow in my testing. (You should never have me test knit. I mean, I love to, but…I’m super slow.)

I modified a few things, including making the sleeves full length instead of half/three quarter because we live in Maine and it’s COLD here. (Especially so this winter, yikes!) I also knit the sleeves in the round instead of knitting them flat and seaming, and I rather wish I hadn’t as they were a trifle difficult to attach. But it all worked out in the end and I couldn’t be happier!

paw print cardi

It’s incredibly hard to get a clear photo of him actually wearing the sweater, but know this: it fits him perfectly and is unbearably cute. The pattern (I suppose I should actually tell you what it is, eh?) is the Paw Print Cardi and I knit the largest (18-24mo) size. It fits my big boy just right. The yarn is my very own super wash merino DK that I dyed years ago for a baby blanket for E. I completely miscalculated how much yarn I would need for that blanket and I’ve since knit not only the blanket, but also two baby vests, a baby hat, a snuggly toy and this sweater from the yarn. And I still have some left!

Here are some better shots of the sweater itself, so you can see the sweet little paw prints marching up the front.

paw print cardi

(They were taken pre-button-installation, but it has some very nice little brown buttons now.)

paw print cardi

Check mine out on Ravelry!


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