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029: making myself at home


I’m slowly making my desk my own at work. I’ve been there for a little over three years but the first half of that was only two mornings a week, so I didn’t really feel like settling in. Now, though, I’m there three full days a week and I’ve got a lot more responsibility and I’m much more involved. It’s really nice. I’ve never actually been at a job this long before. I love my work and the people I work with. I couldn’t ask for a better situation. (Unless…full time! That would be great.)

So, I have my tea and my teapot and I just found my little tea placemat and it makes my desk so cozy.


7 thoughts on “029: making myself at home

  1. that is such a cute tea pot! I feel like I’m finally settled in my cube and we just found out our jobs are slowly transitioning to work from home positions

  2. That looks like such a nice place to sit for a cup of tea – the placemat softens the space! I secretly hope you’ll be asked to come on board full time.

  3. I have (and love) that teapot in the very same color!

  4. Fingers crossed for full time! A great teapot & cosy little space for sure.

  5. that really is the cutest teapot. I hope full time happens for you too!

  6. Such a sweet cozy set up! I hope it evolves into FT for you, too.

  7. oh man, i hope a full time opportunity opens up soon for you too.

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