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030: an easy fix



Seriously, you know that thing where you put something off because it seems like a hassle/you don’t want to do it/whatever? And then it ends up being totally easy and taking mere minutes to fix? That is this shelf. The brackets on the back kept slipping out leaving it at a wonky cockeyed angle on the wall. I knew I should just take the brackets out and move them but did I? For months? No. Today I finally just did it and LO AND BEHOLD it took about two minutes, and that includes going down to the basement to get the hammer.

God, sometimes I am so dumb.

So now I have my shelf back! Safe and secure and not all tilty and so I felt OK to finally light my wee little candles that have been sitting forever. I do love these little candles so.


4 thoughts on “030: an easy fix

  1. ha, yep, but then it’s that much more satisfying when you finally do it!

  2. I have so many projects like this! Need to tackle a couple this weekend.

  3. I do stuff like this ALL THE TIME. but then you feel like a total champion when it’s fixed!

  4. I do that kind of thing ALL THE TIME. Ridiculous.

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