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roly poly piggly wiggly

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roly poly piggly wiggly

I made H an elephant for this birthday last July and between then and Christmas, all E wanted was for me to make her a pig.

So I did.

I’m primarily a knitter and only an occasional crocheter but I knew that this roly poly piggy would be best undertaken as a crochet project. I searched Ravelry (boy, there are a ton of piggy patterns) and settled on this plump little guy. He’s perfect!

roly poly piggly wiggly

That curly little tail!

He took me three weeks, start to finish, which in my world is super speedy. He was finished on Christmas Eve and delivered to a very happy little girl the next morning!

See mine on Ravelry.


One thought on “roly poly piggly wiggly

  1. The curly tale is what makes it.

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