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Baking, crafting, mama-ing and taking photos of it all. When I remember.

046: little things


salt n pepper

It’s the little things, y’all. Now that our day care expenses have been cut dramatically, we have a tiny bit of breathing room in our budget. Like, enough so that when I came across these salt and pepper shakers in Target today for $2.99, I could buy them. And not feel horribly guilty about it. So…yeah. That might give a little hint about how tight it was before. HA.


6 thoughts on “046: little things

  1. So glad to hear things are a little easier. Little treats like this (especially guilt-free treats) make a huge difference. They’re really cute!

  2. These are super cute! Glad you were able to treat yourself.

  3. I’m so so glad to hear that you’ve got a bit of breathing room. I’ve been thinking about you!

  4. Great choice for a small treat too, these are so pretty!

  5. So so glad to hear the daycare expenses are down a lot and you have a little bit of breathing room!

  6. I’m so glad to hear that this worked out okay for you guys.

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