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Baking, crafting, mama-ing and taking photos of it all. When I remember.

058: long. ass. day.


The good: I got my ass out of bed at 6 to go to an early yoga class. I had a delicious maple Holy Donut and chai at Black Cat Coffee, all by myself. I spent some quality time in the great outdoors. I walked. A lot. I got to take advantage of public transportation. We had a nice play date at our house with good friends. Pizza for dinner!

The bad: H fell out of bed when I got out of it at 6. Yoga was strange – a teacher I’d never had before. Our brakes basically stopped working…while I was driving through a school zone. The tow truck guy took FOREVER to get there so I spent about an hour and a half more or less outside in temps of around 10 degrees. I didn’t have my knitting OR my book while I was at the coffee shop for an hour waiting for the bus. Remember how I said our hot water was freakishly hot last night? Today it stopped working entirely. Our play date guest peed all over the floor. (Ha.)

The ugly: I didn’t get to shower because of the hot water situation. (Double ha.)

Omg y’all I am so tired. But! Everything is pretty much resolved. The car is fixed and it wasn’t hideously expensive. The hot water is back. The pee is mopped up. The children are in their beds and I may have melted into the couch. Aaaaah.

6 thoughts on “058: long. ass. day.

  1. That is an eventful day! Too eventful, I think!

  2. Hope tomorrow is more like the Good part!

  3. Yikes! Hope today is blessedly boring.

  4. Oy, what a day! Glad everything is basically resolved, and I hope today is blissfully boring.

  5. oy. I hope today and this weekend were/are better – and the hot water is back?

  6. Oof – you had A DAY. Glad things are resolved, tho. Hugs.

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