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061: yarny yarn yarn


Woolen Rabbit

Every year I save a bit of birthday money and I go to SPA and buy a skein of yarn, usually from The Woolen Rabbit, usually Lucent, a fingering weight merino cashmere blend. This year, I happened to have just discovered that the skein I bought last year got attacked by moths. *gasp* I wound it this morning to see if it would be salvageable, and it’s in ten pieces of varying lengths, so while I will probably still try to knit with it, it won’t be ideal. Thus, I decided to treat myself to two skeins – one of Lucent and another of Frolic, a worsted weight.

Woolen Rabbit

I brought E along and we stopped at the Carter’s outlet for undies & socks for the kids and also at Dunkin Donuts for a little donut date. Fun times.

3 thoughts on “061: yarny yarn yarn

  1. Those colors are gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful color choices!

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