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070: overly ambitious


So many books. So little time. I’ve been reading A Clash of Kings for months – I downloaded the ebook twice, then tried to get the paperback but my library didn’t have it. (Wtf?) So I requested it and this is it but now it’s due in two days and I can’t renew it and GAH I have no time. First world problems, eh?

7 thoughts on “070: overly ambitious

  1. eh. there are other series I’d be more focused on. :)

    but FYI I can loan you these via snailmail if you want to say take all summer to read one or whatever, instead of having to keep returning it.

  2. I feel your pain. I’m giving up on library ebooks right now b/c I never finish them. And I love reading! But who has the time???

  3. I had to return a library ebook half read the other day and it feels like a personal failing. I had to re-request it, so it’ll be WEEKS before I can get it back and finish it.

  4. I would definitely not turn down a book loan… This whole library thing is getting OLD. (For these books anyway, they’re just so long! I need more time!)

  5. Yes! Hate.

  6. I was given the e-book collection of the first 4 (?) books as a gift, and OMG those things are LONG. No way could I finish one in 2 weeks!

  7. GRRM writes a LONG book for sure, I’d be impressed with anyone getting through it without having to renew! I really hope he hurries up and writes the last two books. :D

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