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072: lavender my ass


lavender my ass

Pfft, lavender. Still smells like bleach.

H caught a stomach bug and was puking all evening yesterday. Luckily it was pretty short-lived and he didn’t (yet…fingers crossed…) pass it on to anybody else. Thus, the bleach. Of course, I inadvertently bleached the bottoms of a nice pair of work pants in my haste to clean up the kitchen floor where H had his first…incident. So that’s too bad. Then, as if that wasn’t enough for one evening, M’s car died (the starter) and I had to bring barfy child to go pick him up. I wrapped him in a big towel (the child, not M) and it was a short trip so it all worked out but OY. Enough already! Hey, at least I just bought a car and was able to pick him up! Today was much better. We all took it easy. Nobody barfed. All the laundry got done. All is well…

3 thoughts on “072: lavender my ass

  1. OY is right!

  2. Better is good!

  3. Oy! I really hope that nobody else succumbs because boy does that ever suck. ::hugs::

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