eat! craft! live!

Baking, crafting, mama-ing and taking photos of it all. When I remember.

074: ugh


Ugh with a side of cute sleeping toddler. I was sick all last night so that was miserable. Luckily H had the good sense to stay asleep until around 2. He’s been waking up around 10-11 because of his cold and I have no idea how I would have managed that last night. M was extremely apologetic today when he realized what happened. Not like there’s anything he could do from St. Louis! Anyway, I took E to her first dance class today and a friend took her for the afternoon/evening and was going to have her stay over but her daughter started running a fever so I went to get her. Now we’re all safely tucked into our beds and I really hope everybody gets a good night’s sleep. We all need it!

3 thoughts on “074: ugh

  1. Ugh, what a nightmare! I hope everyone’s doing better today.

  2. I’m so sorry you went through that! I hope everyone is feeling better today. ::hugs::

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