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080: lovely downtown Portsmouth


In all the time I’ve lived in Maine (I grew up here, left in 1996 and came back in 2009) I have never, not once, actually stopped in Portsmouth, NH. I’ve driven through a million times but that’s all. Today I went to the annual meeting of the New England Archivists and got to walk around Portsmouth a bit! It was cold and actually snowed for a minute, but it was nice to see a teeny bit of the town. My boss and I had lunch at the Portsmouth Brewery and it was pretty tasty. Walking around was a little surreal – there were a lot of shops that I recognized from their Portland locations. Like, a lot. At least a dozen I’d say!

And I got to see Ian MacKaye talk about archiving and punk music and that was pretty awesome. He was the keynote speaker for the day and I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t the main reason I went…20140321-215814.jpg

2 thoughts on “080: lovely downtown Portsmouth

  1. Sigh. I miss my home town! Xoxo!

  2. I like Portsmouth a lot!

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