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111: hiking



First time out “hiking” this year! It’s a super easy walk around a local island. Lots of fun. E ran ahead and was the “line leader” and I kept H in the Ergo even though he’s perfectly capable of walking because he’s a wanderer and there are, y’know, cliffs that descend into the ocean. So. Fun fun! Can’t wait for summer!


2 thoughts on “111: hiking

  1. Yay, hiking! I know what you mean about the cliffs. That’s one of the reasons I’m a little terrified to take M hiking – she’s a wanderer, she’s fearless, she doesn’t listen, and OMG I can just imagine her going right over the edge of a ravine. (In fact, that’s a thing I frequently have nightmares about: that she’s on the edge of a high place and I tell her to “stop, be careful!” and she just grins and runs over the edge. Gah, why on earth do you do that to me, subconscious?!)

  2. OMG, I swear your M and my H are two peas in a pod. He is also a fearless wanderer who doesn’t listen. I have that fear of them falling off of a high place too – I used to think it was a fear of them falling into water, because it always used to happen when we were near water but then I realized it was just straight up them falling off of high stuff, whether into water or not. I don’t have a lot of relatively irrational fears, so this one struck me totally by surprise! It’s…annoying. I mean, YES, they could actually hurt themselves but the chances are pretty slim.

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