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128: frogs, fish and fun!

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That was the name of the little educational program today at Pineland Farms.

It was a gorgeous day. E had a great time, despite her initial insistence that she’d rather stay home and watch tv. When I asked her near the end of our frog-catching time if this was better than watching Dinosaur Train she said it was. So.

H was…meh. We had to pick him up early yesterday because he was puking and he kept me up most of the night by waking every hour or so, not to throw up (or at least not after about 8:30), but because he wanted water. So he (and I) were pretty tired and he was a little grouchy. And he also wanted to wade into the pond. Which, no.

But M came with us! This is rather unusual and it was great fun to have us all together and he and E caught some very nice frogs and bullfrog tadpoles. (Bullfrog tadpoles are HUGE!)

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