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Baking, crafting, mama-ing and taking photos of it all. When I remember.

129: me day (sort of)



I have vacation time I need to use by the end of the month or lose it, so I’m taking Fridays off until June. I was soooo excited for my me day today…until E caught H’s stomach bug and couldn’t go to school today. Luckily, she only puked once and was basically fine today. I let her watch tv nearly all day. It was this evening I realized that E & H have swapped places for who’s high maintenance – she’s pretty easy now and he’s a handful. So, despite the fact that my day didn’t go as I’d planned, it was still pretty great.

I took a nice 3.5 mile morning run around the cove after I dropped off H, sewed a beach coverup, took a nap, cooked without anyone tugging at me… Man, one 4yo is EASY!



2 thoughts on “129: me day (sort of)

  1. Love the tunic! Sorry you didn’t get quite what you’d planned, but it still sounds like a pretty good day.

  2. Well a day with just one kiddo is definitely CLOSER to a day by yourself so yay for that!
    I love the off-season beach! :)

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