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142: these flowers


I always forget what they’re called – they’re like daffodils, but not. I found a patch of them a month or so ago behind where our upstairs neighbors have their trash cans and I moved the bins to let them have some light, not knowing what they’d turn out to be. I was so happy to see these start blooming! They’re some of my favorites!


6 thoughts on “142: these flowers

  1. They’ve got to be some variety of daffodil, I’d think. They’re interesting! I’ve never seen anything like them before.

  2. These look like poet’s narcissus to me, which are extremely toxic.,,20385865_20786224,00.html

  3. Ugh, the link didn’t work, but this gives some info: According to TOH: “If the scent of a narcissus bouquet in a closed room is strong enough to cause a headache, just imagine what eating an entire bulb might do. Think severe nausea, convulsions, fainting, paralysis and eventual death. Still want to plant them? Watch any open wounds you may have while tending to them—coming into contact with their bulb secretions has produced staggering, numbness, and heart paralysis.”

  4. Very pretty! (Though given the information Mick shared, I definitely wouldn’t want them in my house!)

  5. Ah, yes! That’s them. We will not be eating any bulbs.

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