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153: such a busy day


What a full day! I’m off on Mondays so I took the kids running with me again. It’s kind of funny to me now that I worried we wouldn’t use the double jogging stroller very much. Turns out we use it ALL THE TIME. The nice thing about the loop I run is that there’s a playground – either at the beginning/end, if we park there, or about halfway around, if we park in a different spot. Either way, it’s great! I tried to get a selfie with both kids but H wouldn’t sit with us – you can see him walking away in the reflection in E’s sunglasses.

The kids were super sweet to each other today. They actually played together off and on instead of more or less ignoring each other so that was great! Seriously, the way they were interacting on the playground made me melt…


We finished the day off with more playing outside and a long, roundabout walk to get ice cream. I actually got more than 16k steps today. Oof!


2 thoughts on “153: such a busy day

  1. Nice! (That is a lot of steps!)

  2. Sounds like a great day!

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