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Baking, crafting, mama-ing and taking photos of it all. When I remember.

183: fish tacos & strawberry wine

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After a mostly shitty day, I made fish tacos and strawberry moscato slushies and things improved somewhat. H really wanted some of mama’s “smoothie.”

Today started out in the wee hours when I was awakened by a giant bug on me. I flailed, I admit. Our room doesn’t have a screen for the window so it’s either roast on hot nights or let bugs in. Not good options. Last night we opted for bugs apparently and UGH. Just when I thought the damn thing was gone, I felt it crawling on me again and…flailed.

So I woke in the morning exhausted and was in a terrible mood to begin with before I got screamed at by a stranger on the way to work/daycare for texting and driving (I wasn’t) whom I then screamed back at. (She apologized. Gee, maybe don’t scream at strangers to begin with? Especially when you’re accusing them of doing something stupid that they’re not actually doing? Yeah.)


I’m going to drink my fruity girl drink and go to bed early. Hopeful without bugs.

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