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193: evening swim

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evening swim
We had the most lovely day. This morning we went down to the park near our house where they were having their first market. I was hoping it would be more “farmers” market but it’s mostly other types of goods – some cupcakes, granola, vintage stuff, some fiber people. I’m hoping it’ll expand.

I took E to pick up her spare glasses. We ordered two new pairs from Sears for less than half what her first pair cost. (!) They’re both a trifle big, but at least we’ve got them.

The highlight of our day was an unexpected visit to my BFF and her “farm.” (It’s not really a farm, though her husband does run a farm, but they do grow a ton of stuff and have a pig, a goat, and some chickens.) We went for lettuce and ended up staying for dinner (local, grass fed hamburgers) and a swim at the lake down the street after dinner. So perfect. Seriously, just so perfect. E ran and played with my friend’s daughter (age 8) and picked raspberries and fearlessly played in the water right up to her shoulders, which is a huge deal for her. (She’s generally afraid of water.)

The most perfect evening.


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